Here at Waterpark Adventure Philippines your safety is our #1 priority as you put your stamina and determination to test
in finishing the water course we have prepared for you. Follow these simple rules nad you earn yourself a bragging right for enduring the largest water course in the Philippines

Failure to follow any of the regulations, conditions and instructions set forth below may result in serious injury to yourself and other individuals. Guests not following water course rules nad safety instructions will be subject to immediate ejection from the water course and the premises of CCHS without refund.

Wearing of floating device such as Life Vest is mandatory and guests must wear it at all times, whether they are completing a phase or taking a pause at Poseidon’s Hut.
Always follow and respect the Lifeguard’s instructions during the activity. Always follow and respect CCHS’ staff and security protocols for everyone’s safety.
If a guest feels nauseous in the middle of the activity, notify the nearest lifeguard and exit the water course at once.
Appropriate swimming attire is required for anyone who enters the premise of the water park.No flip flops or any type of slippers when at the water park.
Appropriate water socks may be worm during the activity subject to the approval of WAP and CCHS.
Guests with prescription glasses or sunglasses should wear a safety strap while at the water course to avoid loss of such materials.
Pushing of other individuals while at the water course is prohibited as this may result to accidents,